Dynamic Screening Solutions

About Us

Dynamic Screening Solutions, Inc. is a woman-owned business that provides simple solutions to the headache of paperwork. These solutions return legible, complete, electronic forms in a known format for ease of processing while providing robust administrative tools that help view, track, store, and report data.

In a busy complex world, DSS is in the business of simple. Incorporating a lean organizational structure, our products eliminate redundancy and are intuitive. With a user centric approach, this results in customers that are happy. We don’t try to solve the world’s problems; we just want to help you with your paperwork.

Every step in any paperwork process can be simplified through DSS products. From determining correct forms to screening for eligibility, from non-duplicative questioning to populating each form legibly, from notifying the employees of completed forms to providing reports and statistics for data processing, our products will save you time and money.

Akers on The State of Entrepreneuriship in Utah

CEO Adrienne Akers was recently featured on a 70-minute DVD entitled The State of Entrepreneurship in Utah, first showcased during Global Entrepreneurship Week in late 2008. During the interview, she spoke about the past, present and future of Dynamic Screening Solutions. Watch the full-length video »