Dynamic Screening Solutions

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Bogged down with too many search engines? Tired of the “window shopping” version of the web? Do you want more qualified people to view your product offering? Do you want some control over the type of job applicants that apply for your posting? What about the ability to personally invite a group of people to then be screened by your criteria? DSS has used its powerful screening technology to do all this and more. Our system is a new type of marketplace that strategically matches potential consumers with consumer generated offerings. This product is great for small business, service providers, social networkers, multi-level marketers, employment and whatever else you can dream up.

Rather than simply putting your product or service online with all of the others out there, you can initiate an offering page with user generated questions that can be weighted based on your needs. This screen then is published and assigned an individual URL. It can then be accessed by the general public. You can also distribute your offering by email to your contacts. Once consumers respond to your screen, you can quickly know, based on your defined criteria, if there is a match. The back-end system allows for further communication if desired. Let’s face it. Sometimes we don’t know exactly what we are looking for. The system allows for that as well. While logged into the system, you can view any public screen and fill out their inquiry. If you match the desired criteria, the screen initiator will contact you. Maybe your dream job awaits! Or your dream girl, or your dream supplier, or your dream contractor, or your dream. Contact us to discuss this product for your organization.