Dynamic Screening Solutions

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Applying for health insurance can be a very confusing and frustrating process. Many times several forms must be completed to even determine eligibility. Even after all of that work, some may not qualify. Or later they will find out that they could have qualified for a subsidized, free, or cheaper plan. The DSS solution will significantly simplify this process. A simple user interface will screen every applicant and determine which group they belong to: State Aid, Private Insurance (for profit), or Non-Profit Aid. Based on this determination, they will be directed to an area to answer the remaining questions to complete their application process. This will be done as simply as possible through dynamic, non-duplicative questioning.

This system will allow for more qualified applicants in each group and will therefore direct more people to each participating insurance carrier, non-profit aid group, and to the state assistance agencies. Each party, including the applicant, will benefit from this combined effort. Security is an essential component of this system and will be HIPAA compliant where necessary. Electronic submission will add to legibility and manageability. A robust document management system will allow for administrators to access the completed documents for eligibility determination, processing, storage and future accessibility. Contact us to discuss this product for your organization.