Dynamic Screening Solutions

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Many people in this country do not have health insurance. Many of those people still receive care at doctor’s offices and more especially hospitals. At some point during their hospital stay, a representative from the hospital will make a visit to determine how the impending bill will be paid. Each hospital process is handled differently. At DSS, we have a solution that will lead to a less stressful situation for the families in need and still assist the hospitals in capturing more dollars that may be lost to uncompensated care.

Through the powerful technology available in our The ONE Application platform, DSS has developed a web-based solution that is tailored specifically to the needs of hospital networks and their patients. If a patient doesn’t have health insurance, many forms may be filled out to assist the patient in paying their bill. Through the use of DSS’ robust hospital directed screening tool, patients will be asked a few questions to determine their eligibility for available programs. Then the patient, on their own time, will answer the questions necessary to complete the forms. Each question will be asked only once relieving some stress and redundancy in a tough time for these families. These forms will then be electronically signed and submitted to the hospital administration for processing with the ability to print in the accepted format for outside aid agencies. The back end management system will allow for ease in processing, storing and managing the paperwork. Because most will have the ability to complete the forms on their own time, time and money will be saved for the hospital networks. This solution provides for both compassion and efficiency in a difficult time for families. Contact us to discuss this product for your organization.