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The ONE Application is a web-based interagency application process designed to help families complete and submit paperwork electronically for multiple state programs. It’s based on a simple idea – everybody hates paperwork! It is confidential and HIPAA compliant. The ONE Application began with the consumer in mind and saves time for agency intake workers. It enables families to apply for programs such as Medicaid, CHIP, Early Intervention, Head Start and others.

The ONE Application streamlines the paperwork process through a simple online screening process. First, the consumer answers a series of screening questions, which then generates a list of eligible programs. The consumer then chooses the programs they wish to apply for. The system collects all the information needed to complete the application forms for each agency selected by the consumer – no question is asked more than once.

Demonstration System

To view the The ONE Application demo system, click here. Then set up a customer account with a username and password. To see the administrative side of the system, please contact us for further access.

User Feedback

Utah families love Utah Clicks! Check out what consumers are saying about our products:

  • Utah Clicks is a great alternative to the paper applications; I am able to just log on when it’s convenient for me and take care of everything at once. I loved it.
  • I loved Utah Clicks it was so easy to use I have already recommended it to others and I love the fact that I can apply for things that I qualify for all at once!
  • I'm glad that there is a way to apply for these programs online, I got a new job to try and help my situation and my baby so I'm not off work till after everything is closed. Thanks Utah Clicks.
  • It is hard for me to write, and type but I have a voice recognition program and it works well with it. It has made the process much easier. Thank you! It's also hard for me to get out of my home and being able to do this on the Internet is very helpful.
  • My husband and I just found out we were pregnant and are both students with a low income. We were very stressed about how to properly care for our developing baby, but thanks to Utah Clicks we have a chance to help this baby have exactly what he/she needs. Thank you very much. We will look forward to the day we can give back to causes and organizations like you. You can count on our support in the future.
  • This has been a 100% improvement on the Medicaid application process. Thank You!
  • Very happy with the ease of working with Utah Clicks
  • You guys do great things and help a lot of people out in need. Thank you!

State of Utah Government Agency Administrators love Utah Clicks! Check out what the program administrators are saying about our products:

  • Utah Clicks is amazing! It saves time for working families.
  • Utah Clicks saves time for our staff and time is money.
  • If you don’t have a system like this, you should really look into it. It is an amazing deal and it is so slick.
  • Utah Clicks helps our intake workers more easily manage the applications and get them pushed through. If you are about client services, you should look at this product.