Dynamic Screening Solutions

The ONE Application Platform

The ONE Application Platform is the basis for our ONE Application solutions. It provides technologies that enable you to manage your paperwork process easily and efficiently. We call it The ONE Application because the system combines application questions seamlessly so that your clients feel as if they are only filling out ONE application. Your ONE Application system will then use the information provided from your clients and populate your forms, displaying the information in the format you are already familiar with.

The ONE Application can be deployed either as a J2EE application or as a stand-alone ColdFusion web application. The ONE Application incorporates the PostgreSQL open source database or SQL Server database. Other database implementations are available for an additional charge.


The features of The ONE Application were created with you in mind and our objective was to simplify the paperwork process on both the front and the back end. Don’t be fooled though, The ONE Application may simplify your processes but it is not a simple system. It is very robust and can handle many requests from back end users.

Non-duplicative questioning
Electronic Signature
Electronic Submission
Administrator Account Creation Capabilities
Consumer Account Creation Capabilities
Language Translation
Reporting Functionality
Consumer and Administrator Review Capabilities
Simple Management of Questions and Completed Forms
Help Sections
Ability to Set Status of Application
Workflow Management Capabilities


There are many benefits to using The ONE Application. However these benefits are different for each person that interacts with the product including the front end user (form filler), the product owner, and the back end user (form recipient).

Form filler benefits
No duplicate questions
Web accessible applications
Available 24/7 through the web
No more handwritten, messy forms
Simple and secure
Form recipient benifits
Creates a virtual management of physical documents
Print physical documents in a familiar format if necessary
More complete and more legible Documents
Calculate statistics and generate reports
Reduction in form intake costs
Exportable to XML format if necessary
Product owner benifits
Calculate statistics and generate reports
Standardize the application process
Centralized electronic document archive
Makes costs more predictive