Dynamic Screening Solutions


Paperwork is annoying, tedious and soon will be a thing of the past. Our solutions help bridge the gap between the past (repetitive handwritten paperwork) and the future (completely electronic documents) by returning familiar forms in an electronic format. This also makes your customers (form fillers) happy by eliminating redundancy and asking only questions that are necessary to fill out required forms.

The core of our products is the ability to screen applicants based on your criteria, according to your needs. Then based on your criteria, qualified applicants will be screened into certain areas, then directed to the correct applications strategically designed to eliminate redundancy. These screened and completed applications are returned to your organization in a familiar format for processing, statistic analysis, storage and reporting.

DSS has developed solutions for state government, HR, health insurance, uncompensated care, and in the consumer sphere. This is not all though. If you are a firm that is looking for solutions to your paperwork headaches; our products can be modified to simplify your life.